High School Teacher
This individual must have a strong commitment to our philosophy of Christian education, love to work with teenagers, and have the spiritual gift of teaching. It is crucial that he/she understand that it is our desire to teach our children in truth and righteousness. We firmly believe that Christian education is a necessary element in a child’s life, but we also recognize that we are an asset to the home and the church, not a replacement for either. We desire that the home, church, and school, in that order, work together for the benefit and growth of the child. Therefore, we would expect that this individual’s children attend Walnut Street Christian School. A joyful, growing, and Christ-like walk with God is the key to any individual who seeks employment at WSCS. The character traits of unity, flexibility, and openness are extremely helpful to anyone who works in Christian education; and this is especially true for a teacher. This individual must have a strong background in one of the following areas: higher math, business math, English, or science. In addition, skills or interests in teaching electives in Bible, languages, computers, music, art, speech, creative writing, yearbook, home economics, and/or physical education would be a strong asset.