Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are the teachers qualified?

We unashamedly assert that our teachers are saved by God’s grace, have the God-given gift of teaching, and serve faithfully in Bible-believing churches. Almost every teacher has a degree in education, while others possess at least a bachelors degree in various fields, and each one loves working with children or teenagers. Our teachers have an average of thirteen years of experience, and our staff average is eighteen. This equates to a very stable, loving environment for your child throughout the school. We have been educating children in truth and righteousness since 1976.

 2) Do all your teachers have their clearances to work with children?
Every teacher, staff, and volunteer must provide all background checks before employment, as required by Pennsylvania. This includes all church staff and volunteers. In addition, we screen all potential employees in the interview process. The safety and security of your child is of utmost importance! We also have a secure, locked entrance to the building that can only be opened by the receptionist.

 3) What is the average class size?
For most classrooms, you can expect a teacher/student ratio of 1:12

 4) What is your approach to education?
We believe that each child is individually created by God with special gifts and abilities. We provide a traditional classroom, taught and guided by a godly individual, where your child has the opportunity to succeed. Traditional math is also part of our curriculum. Common core and PSSA’s are never a part of your child’s education.

 5) Is busing provided?
Yes, parents have access to bus transportation by working through their local school district.

 6) What enrichment opportunities do you provide?
We offer music, art, computers, physical education, languages, drama, and honor society, along with others.

 7) My child struggles in school. Do you have academic support?
Yes, we have a teacher who works in conjunction with our faculty and is dedicated to working with your child, even one-on-one, to help the student develop his or her greatest potential.

 8) What curriculum do you use?
All of our foundational textbooks have a biblical worldview and are provided by both Abeka Books and Bob Jones University Press, textbooks suppliers for over forty years. These books are available for your review.

 9) Is there an athletic program?
We are a member of the Allegheny Christian Athletic Association and offer both soccer and basketball. We also participate in tournaments in both the ACAA and the Keystone Christian Athletic Association.

10) Christian education is expensive. Do you provide financial assistance? If so, how do I know if I qualify?
Tuition assistance is provided for kindergarten through grade 12. For most families with one child in school with an adjusted gross income of $70,000 or less, you should qualify. We use an independent firm to analyze all data so that results are impartial and information is confidential. You can apply through the link below.