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Building a Team

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Building a Team
Last month, I shared my thoughts (and more importantly what God’s Word says) about the parents’ responsibility in training up their children. I also noted that the church and the Christian school are invaluable partners in this endeavor. I find it helpful to look at it as I would a team.

Anyone who has coached a team of any kind—sports, business, or otherwise—knows that unity is paramount! And unity does not come naturally. Have you ever witnessed a team with so much talent and no unity? They don’t get very far.

Unity, oneness of purpose, and love for one another are so unnatural, in fact, that God’s Word says that is how we are to be recognized as His children (Jn. 13:35)! How do we love each other? How do we have unity of mind and purpose (I Peter 3:8)? It starts with an investment.

Now, I’m not talking about a monetary investment (although you have made that commitment!). I’m talking about investing in the lives of those around you, specifically in your church and your school. There are never any shortages in work needing to be done in ministry, and there is rarely a surplus of help!

The strongest relationships I’ve built have been through teamwork—working with and relying on others to accomplish a goal. In this case, the goal is growing your children to be equipped, Godly leaders wherever God sends them. Won’t we work together as a team with love, unity, and oneness of purpose to accomplish what God has called us to do?
Thank you
Tom Krick, Principal

Posted by Tom Krick