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Never Enough

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I feel like I never have enough _______________.” What does your mind go to as you fill in that blank? Money? Patience? Shoes? I think we can all relate to the feeling of never having enough time. Lack of time is a favorite excuse for children and adults alike. If we just had more time, we could get everything done that we needed (or wanted) to. The fact of the matter is each of us has 24 hours in a day to spend. And 24 hours is not enough time to get everything done. Now I’m going to share some “fun” statistics and go for the “shock” factor.
-The average time on a phone daily (not talking) is 4 hours 23 minutes for adults and 7 hours 22
minutes for teens.
-The average family spends 38 minutes of meaningful time together on a weekday.
Now more than ever our children need time with their parents, not an artificial and often harmful babysitter. “But there’s not enough time!” What could possibly take all 24 hours of our day that we don’t have time left for our families? Proverbs 22:6 does not happen accidentally. It’s time to stop making excuses and start making time for our children!
Thank you.
Tom Krick, Principal

Posted by Tom Krick