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Summer Break "Do's and Don'ts"

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Summer Break “Do’s and Don’t’s”
Ready or not, summer break is here for your children. This means the routine of the last nine months is out the window, and a whole new routine begins. With that in mind, I would like to encourage you with a few thoughts on making your child’s summer break a blessing instead of a burden.

1. DON’T view your child as a burden (Psalm 127:3).
2. DO make time for your child, even when it’s not convenient.
3. DON’T stop teaching your child, even though they’re not in school (Proverbs 22:6).
4. DO give your child structure (even chores!). Work ethic is invaluable.
5. DON’T neglect time with God. Summer can be busy, but show your child what’s most important!
6. DO enjoy every moment you have with your child: each day you’re given comes from God.

I know, rocket science, right? But I wanted to give you these reminders as this is what I’ve been reminding myself of. Summer is already packed with “stuff” to do; but if the shutdown of last year taught me anything, it was the importance of our children. And investing in their lives is never wasted.
Have a great summer!

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Required Respect vs Earned Respect

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From the Principal: Required Respect vs. Earned Respect This concept might not be popular, but it is true. The biblical view of respect defies the world’s logic that says, “You have to EARN my respect!” Don’t get me wrong, there are situations where respect can be (and should be) earned, but the respect I am talking about is the respect that God requires of each of us toward each other.

Do you have to earn the respect of your children? No. God commands children to honor their parents regardless of the parents’ shortcomings (Eph. 6:2).

Do the governing authorities have to earn your respect? No. Romans 13, written by a man who was wrongfully imprisoned and martyred by the government, calls for us to submit to the authority God puts over us.

Do you have to respect that obnoxious neighbor, that slow person in line in front of you, that horrible driver, or that ridiculous… you get the point. And the answer is, “Yes!” Read Matthew 7:12, Titus 2:7, or I Corinthians 10:33 for reference.

This is what we should be teaching our children, and this is what we should be modeling for each other every day. I Peter 2:17 sums it up well: “Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor.” Mr. Tom Krick, Principal

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Clarity in Chaos

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Entropy—a scientific term referring to the tendency of an ordered system to move toward disorder. But you don’t have to be a scientist to see entropy in action. Entropy explains why the room you just picked up is a mess again and why the vehicle you just cleaned is dirty again. It explains why your child can bounce back from taking a tumble, but you take a week to recover! It also explains why the world around us seems to be getting worse: it is. The Bible confirms that it is so because of sin (Rom. 6:23; 8:21).

But this message isn’t all doom and gloom, there is hope in the midst of the chaos! Despite the natural world and humanity heading toward disorder, God has given a clear and simple path. He doesn’t hide it. He offers it freely to everyone (Jn. 3:16, II Cor. 5:17).

Today in our Easter chapel, your children, from Pre-K all the way to the seniors, shared the truth so clearly. They told me about our need for a savior because of our sin. They explained how the Old Testament pointed to a Messiah. Even the younger children understood why Jesus came—to serve, to die, and come alive again to save us from our sins!

I challenged our students to share what they know about Jesus with the people around them, the world. And I challenge you to do the same, to share the good news of Jesus with the world around you that is living in darkness. “Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’” (Jn. 8:12)

Have a Happy Easter celebrating our risen Savior! Mr. Krick, Principal

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